wednesday morning in the garden

We finally had some sunshine on a Wednesday morning, although the temperatures this week have stayed chilly. M’s mom was visiting, and F and I took her out for breakfast and a quick stroll through the garden.

Finally the tulips are starting to appear. I can’t get over how delayed everything is this season. The winter temps and weather just won’t let up. But things are starting to wake up around here, and it’s lovely to see again.

F decided she wanted to visit the waterfall, and once she arrived there, she plunked herself down on the sidewalk to watch. She’s claimed she wants to return this weekend and sit in this spot for five hours, so we’ll see how well that goes over.

The fragrance of the hyacinths is still with me. It’s the smell of spring, and the longing for it.

breakfast shortcake

It was SO cold and gross on Sunday. We woke up in the morning, and all I wanted to do was stay inside and bake. M went to the grocery store to pick up a few things, and I spent the next hour making a couple of batches of blueberry scones. Later that afternoon I headed out to an afternoon meeting / work session, and after that was through, I picked up groceries for the week. Again, I felt like baking. But mostly I felt myself longing for spring / early summer. Consistent warmth. More sunshine.

I remembered seeing a reference to strawberry shortcake on Design*Sponge on Friday. I looked up the article and decided that sounded perfect. I had almost everything I needed, I just picked up a lemon and some heavy cream and berries of course – no farmer’s market beauties yet, but I was okay with making do with grocery berries.

The recipe is simple and delicious. Not overly sweet – the most sugar is on the berries, and once local berries are in season, you could probably cut that in half or more. M’s mom is here, so we ate five of the nine cakes, and I decided this morning that I wasn’t going to let them go bad on the counter. So I had one for breakfast. The sun came out. It’s supposed to pass sixty today. Maybe my plan is working…

eight year olds

Seems like a good time, midway through our week in the nation’s capitol, to point out F’s very favorite part of our trip: the two-story, 24-hour CVS on the corner by our hotel. #aislesofpossibilities