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The first graders in E’s class (poets extraordinaire) each wrote a few lines of poetry about their teacher.  These lines were put together into one poem, and their words – in their own handwriting – were transferred onto the flower pot and painted over.  Here are some shots of the in-progress and finished product as well as the poem.  I think she will love it.

Brandy: a poem
by the Enigmas
Brandy is as gentle as a butterfly, as beautiful as a dove.
Your smile is as pretty as the morning sun shining on huge beautiful flowers.
You smell as sweet as a flower, as sweet as honey.
You are as nice as an angel, as cool as the wind.
You are as pretty as a flower, as pretty as a peacock, with a
smile as friendly as a puppy.
Your hair is as dark as the best kind of chocolate.
You are as helpful as a bee because bees carry pollen from one flower to another.
You teach us as perfect as a mastermind.
Brandy is as sweet as a rose.

2 Responses to poetry pot

  1. Looks great – I definitely like the different use of color for the single words.

    I think my favorite lines are the one about a puppy’s smile and the mastermind.

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