soccer champs

This weekend did mark the final game for this indoor soccer team, and they ended up with a nearly perfect record and were named the league champs.  It was a really exciting season – the game is played off the walls so it ends up looking like a cross between racquetball and soccer – fast-paced and high scoring.  And even though the league is co-ed, our team was the only one that actually had girls on it.  Not to mention those super duper female coaches.  And super duper championship shirts.

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  1. Why is the “female” coaches italicized? Are they better than male coaches?

  2. Not at all! They are just the exception to the rule in this league, and in a house full of girls we are always excited to see women in positions of leadership. (Or heading up winning teams!)

    And one of our favorite coaches is male – E’s basketball coach. She also calls him “dad”.

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