baking in bulk: part deux

The biggest time saver of all in making lots of cupcakes is a pastry bag.  Spooning batter into two dozen plus liners for every batch is not only time consuming, but messy.  An 18″ bag will hold all the batter of most typical batches, and piping the batter in this way ensures even filling, speedy time and no mess.  The trickiest part is filling the bag (unless you have a helper).  In my case, my “helper” is a pitcher. 
Fold the edges of the bag over the top of the pitcher and spoon the batter in.

Voila.  Ready to fill.  I take that back – the trickiest part is holding the heavy bag with my left hand while attempting to photograph this step with the camera in my right hand.

Happily filled liners and one depleted pastry bag, ready for the next batch.

Lemon cake perfection.

And this is what 150 cupcakes look like on my kitchen table.  Can anyone say “picnic dinner?”  Another tip:  always factor into your expenses the cost for take-out.
Next up:  the icing on the cake(s).  Setting my alarm really early for that one.  See you on the other side.

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