Daily Archives: July 4, 2011

independence is our current theme

Happy Independence Day!  Or what we call every day with this little kid.  (A brief moment where she’s doing what we asked her to do.)
Hope you are having a great day. 

hey, gray

On a day where everyone’s all red-white-and-blue, I’m talking gray. There she is.  The middle section is painted the final sample color – the chosen one.  This photo was taken several days ago, before the trim was all painted shiny white.  It looks so pretty and light-filled when we stand in there that we just want to replace those old drafty windows with new ones, (clean the glass every once in awhile), and never hang another thing on them.  But we feel a little exposed in there at night, the windows are so large.  I think I’ve nixed the idea of hanging big curtains in there.  The windows and trim really are nice, and curtains just hide it all.  Still contemplating what to do.  We’ve got pricing on new windows and if we go that route I think all we’ll be able to afford is more of the brown craft paper for privacy.  It’s a good look, I think.