ten on ten: a birthday and a red balloon

F’s birthday bash coincides with the tenth of the month, so it’s time for ten on ten.  The party wasn’t ten hours long, so I’m deviating from the photo-an-hour format today.  I think that’s allowed on a very special day.  More photos to follow after we relax a bit!

Here are ten moments from a wonderful picnic party this morning.  In order:

1.  barely grounded  2.  picnic sippy cups  3.  poppy cupcakes  4.  watermelon basil lemonade by the jarful  5.  sugar smile  6.  setting up  7.  warm cheeks  8.  bugs and daisies  9.  party friends  10.  two candles

Happy birthday sweet girl!

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8 Responses to ten on ten: a birthday and a red balloon

  1. I want MY birthday to be so cute!! Love all the details!

  2. This party is So cute. Great Ten on Ten!

  3. That first photo is great! Looks like she’s going to float right off.

  4. Those poppy cupcakes are super cute!

  5. We had a birthday 10 on 10, too!

  6. Love your set! Perfect party! I bet it was a bunch of fun 🙂

  7. LOVE the sippy cups!! They were adorable!!

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