Daily Archives: July 16, 2011

when "two enough" means "tall enough"

I have pictures of both girls around every birthday playing with this exhibit at The Magic House.  It’s never a planned thing, we just seem to find ourselves there every once in awhile, walk around the corner and see this, and then remember to take a picture.  It’s like a growth chart on the wall, only with grubby tennis balls and bells.

Of course, now that I have this photo (taken yesterday), I can’t find any of the old photos to link to so that you can see the changes throughout the years.  But with both girls that magic age of two seems to get them to the point where, with an enormous amount of reaching, equal parts concentration and determination, and the tippiest-of-tiptoes, they can send those tennis balls down the chute and race to the bottom of the steps to watch them sail over the silver bell and back into their hands for another round.  It’s a milestone no less than all the other more familiar ones.  Tall enough.

"mary mack"

Years ago we checked out a copy of Miss Mary Mack from the library for E.  She was so in love with the book, that we looked for a copy of our own to keep so that other kids might get a chance to check it out from the library one day.  We read it a lot.

Fast forward to a couple of months ago when we pulled it off the shelf to read to F.  Just like her sister, she was smitten, so when her grandmother called to ask for birthday ideas we suggested some of the other titles in the series.  Even better – she found a set of three board books with a sing and read-a-long CD.  This is one happy, happy girl.  She calls all four books “Mary Mack”, even though she can sing along with each different book.  I love the way she equates the similar illustrations and type of book to her initial exposure – the “Mack”.  She reads them in the morning, when she gets home from school, before bed.  They are one of the few things (besides us) that travel between the three floors of the house.  They haven’t made it out to the car yet, but for the next car trip – they most certainly will.