Daily Archives: July 26, 2011

eat your hearts out, grandparents

“Yankee Doody”  I love how she uses the whole first two lines of the song as the title…

But if you want to know what she really wants to read – it’s what sissy is always reading…

And a little sleepy singing before lights out.

little to big

After the late night arrival of a friend’s new baby twins, I had trouble falling asleep.  Those nights of worry never really go away once you’re a parent – and even when your worry is focused on others’ babies, the anxiety hits so close to home.  Earlier in the evening M transformed the little one’s crib into a “bid-durl bet” (big girl bed), and the joy – oh the joy! it inspired was priceless.  I’m hoping the newness wears off in a few days and she crawls back into my lap for extra books instead of listening to them from her bed, but for now it’s just such an exciting thing.  I’m still not quite sure why we did it – she wasn’t climbing out of her crib, and she’s just now two.  I just think that we tend towards transitions when things are calm and smooth and the timing seems easy – maybe even early.  Because when the timing is late and things are done out of necessity and frustration it’s never quite as nice.  Two nights into it, and she stays in there.  In fact, this morning she stretched luxuriantly and closed her eyes to the sun I let into the room.  Proof that we’ve added one more future snooze button-er to the ranks.
We bought the conversion kit shortly after we got the crib.  We loved the crib so much that we thought we might get some extra use out of it as a smaller bed before moving her into a standard bed.  This configuration gives more play area in the middle of the room too, and it seems to meet her “nesting” needs – I just went up to check in on her and she’s all bunched up in one corner, lying across the bed, feet through the slats, just as she did when it was a crib.