Daily Archives: July 27, 2011

and the celebrating rolls on

This Egyptian party has been in the works for nearly a year now.  I think it started after our trip to Chicago last August where the mummy exhibit made a big impression.  I tried to sway her towards a Harry Potter theme, but she said she’s saving that for “nine”, so Egyptian it is.  We sat down this weekend to make some invitations – she designed and cut and punch while I got assigned all the hieroglyphs.  Thank goodness there are only six.
We’ve got a series of great games planned, and we’re on the hunt for the perfect pinata.  Not a lot of Egyptian themed ones out there, but we’ve thought about modifying a donkey to look like a sphinx, or maybe wrapping up an Elmo pinata like a mummy.  (Of course, that would probably scar the little one for life!)  We’ll come up with something, I’m sure, and we’ve already got the goods to fill one… ring pop “jewels” and plenty of gold and silver chocolates.  Maybe a few rubber cobras to throw into the mix.