Monthly Archives: August 2011

looking for the silver lining

In a week month season year when luck doesn’t seem to be shining on us too often, sometimes it’s hard to see the little triumphs amidst all the general pain-in-the-neck stuff.  Triumph – Sunday afternoon nap time.  One happy toddler “Dank-ew Dada, fixit my bid-durl room!” she yelled without prompting, and ran to give one exhausted Dad a giant bear hug – the good kind that lasts several sweet neck-wringing seconds.  Nothing is up on the walls, and the books are still slowly being shelved again, but the good night chair is back, and every once in awhile she’ll actually let me rock her in it for a moment and read an extra book or two.  We’ve moved on to other mini-crises in the house, but at least at the end of the day we can all collapse exhausted into our own beds.

on the field

It’s that time of the year again.  E had two games this past weekend – during the first one on Saturday morning we baked in the sun.  The second one was a bit cooler.  As a friend pointed out to me on the phone the other night, soon enough we’ll be griping about sitting out in the cold at these games.  So no complaints here.  And I think I know an uncle and some cousins that would approve of her new team colors…

movie night(s)

M brought home a projector from work and we set up a poor man’s theater in the living room.  First night, Pink Panther 2, second night, Harry Potter, of course, and with a friend.  It was a big hit.