Daily Archives: August 5, 2011

friday finds: party prep and a better attitude

The rain this morning put off our garden plans, plus the little one was so grumpy she needed an early nap.  So while she snoozes I’m wrapping up some of the final details for E’s Egyptian party.  I hadn’t planned on doing cookies for the party, but of course when a friend sent a link to some cookie cutters, I changed my tune.  One Pharaoh cutter on the way.  While I was purchasing said cutter, I saw these porcelain berry baskets and fell in love.  I resisted the urge to purchase, but they are quite cute.  Fancy Flours is a great site for all things baking related, but also some other neat treats like these.

The final purchase for the party – one hula girl, soon to become one Golden Isis pinata like the one in the last photo.  Although I am a little weirded out by the idea of taking a baseball bat to such a lovely princess (and we have a friend with the same name!) it will be fun to see the gold chocolates and shiny ring pops falling out.

We’re going to find ourselves at the wrap up party this afternoon for E’s Culinary Arts Camp, and we’ve certainly found ourselves with a few days of respite from the heat.  And I’m continuing to try and find the silver lining in a string of dark clouds and minor annoyances that have plagued me over the last few months.  (Did I mention the untimely death of my hard drive at work on Wednesday?  Everything I touch seems to break lately.)  
I hope that this Friday finds you well, and a bit cooler.  I’d love for you to drop a note about what you’ve found today in the comments below.  I’m finding myself in need of a good chat with friends.
Happy Friday.