what you’ve really been waiting for

The goddess Isis pinata.  Before:  In her former life as a hula girl…
…and After:  The Egyptian Goddess of Magic and Life (and chocolates and ring pops)
E worked on this while hanging out in my office the better portion of the last four days.  She’s in that time between camp and school – in an ideal world we would be able to take some time off to enjoy these last few days before summer, but no dice this year.  Saturday’s the party, so cookies are on the docket for tomorrow.  Stay tuned for some Friday finds.
(I really like the sandals she came up with – and there’s no shortage of scotch tape on this thing!)

5 Responses to what you’ve really been waiting for

  1. Am I the only one that thinks it will be wierd to smash her open with a bat to get the candy?

  2. So, I’m assuming that the comment above, is from M… and no. You’re not the only one. I knew an old cranky minister in AZ once, who stole all the fun out of everything (read: the summer camp I was directing) and refused to let the kids have a pinata. And she hated cotton candy. And sunshine. And she kicked puppies when no one was looking. 😉

    Okay… so that old cranky minister was me………

    I struggle with the idea of beating objects that look like other objects, with sticks… and then telling our children (some young enough that they can’t even diffentiate between what is real and what is make believe) that they can’t hit. But I’ve sort of gotten over it…

    And now I just wish I could be at that party… cause I love a good ring pop!! Walk like an Egyptian and have a great weekend!

  3. I LOVE Tricia’s comment!

  4. Yeah Trish – he writes anonymously. And yeah, it’s weird to smash her with a bat. But we’ll get over it!

  5. Post party comment – it was weird. But fun. The candy came out in stages which was much more exciting. In fact, it went flying. Weird was the fact the kids each took parts of the pinata home with them. What can you say? They’re eight…

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