Daily Archives: August 23, 2011

monday reds

Today was a day of reds.  New red shoes that couldn’t wait until cooler Fall weather to be worn.  I gave in because it was a special day – her first day in a new room at school.  That means it is most certainly a red letter shoe day.  And red berries in the new berry basket my mom bought me this past weekend.  To give me for Christmas.  You see how long she held out on that one. 
Joy of joys, even on a Monday, it doesn’t get much better than berries in this basket.

If you were wondering what that monkey was peeking out in the first photo – why it’s the world’s cutest band-aid, a gift from Grandma.  Perfectly matches the red shoes and the red boo-boo someone got this morning skipping racing out to the car in those new red shoes.  What a sad little monkey.
Speaking of monkeys…

…there she is.  Proving that you can be sweet in red from head to toe, and still be a monkey.

I like red days.