Daily Archives: August 25, 2011


I thought I’d start a new category on this blog and call it “pining”.  I may come up with a more clever name eventually, but what I really want to do is highlight something interesting or beautiful that I’ve come across but either don’t need or can’t afford.  It may be something that I think is so unique or is by an artist that deserves to be celebrated, or maybe it would just make the perfect gift that I simply don’t have the perfect recipient for.
A poor man’s wish list.
Recession obsessions.
Only in my dreams.
I think I’ll stick with “pining” for now.
So if something that I feature here strikes your fancy or you have just the perfect place to put it (and pocketbook to purchase it) drop me a note so that I can enjoy it vicariously through you. 
Today’s feature:  These kitchen towels from Anthropologie.  Man, if you could have seen my mother and me trying to desperately think of someone getting married that just had to have these little towels.  It’s a set of three towels and they say “They fell in love”, “They got married”, and “They lived happily ever after”.  I could have justified purchasing them for myself as a little eleventh anniversary gift next month if there had been another couple of towels embroidered with the phrases “They produced two spawn” or “They embarked on a renovation of epic proportions”, or “They really should get a babysitter every once in awhile”.  But the towels remain blissfully unaware of the consequences of those three simple acts stiched in aqua thread.  Eventually they’ll get a stubborn tomato stain, or worse yet, chocolate, and one day they’ll just be happy to declare that they survived.

But for the still innocent crowd… tea towels to pine for.


Right now one of her favorite activities is hiding.  She particularly loves to slide herself into this narrow space between the bathroom cabinet and the wall.  Now she opens the cabinet door to provide additional coverage.  For the time being she delights in the hiding and the revealing.  I’m guessing that somewhere in the near future she’ll delight more in the hiding and listening to our panicked calls for her to reappear.  Cause that’s just the kind of monkey she is.

luckily they won’t be graded on "natural smiling"

This is the best I could get.  We’re officially started.  One in third grade, one in the young preschool class.  When each was asked what they liked best about their first days, the oldest replied her teacher’s new haircut, and the youngest yelled “COT!”.