Daily Archives: August 26, 2011

friday finds

Eek!  I’ve been wanting this cookbook ever since I read about it here and here, and then the clincher – here.  Plus, my good friend P planned a whole trip itinerary around a visit to this ice cream shop in Columbus so I knew I had to up my ice cream game this year.  I’m going to find myself diving into this book in a few moments while the little one naps, and I can’t wait.
I would also have to say that a lot of my Friday finds are usually top secret – it seems like when I take the time to visit the places that I love the most that I also seem to find the gifts that I love to give the most.  I’ll break my secrecy rule a tiny bit here and share some gifts for a few girls that I don’t believe are regular readers of this blog.  The Japanese festival at the garden is coming up soon, and how very cute are these little satchels?  

Very cute.

I love the drawstring at the top, but it wasn’t until I got home and took them out to photograph that I discovered the longer handle and THE TINY LITTLE FISH CHANGE PURSE inside.  If I didn’t have a sleeping baby upstairs I would have squealed out loud.  These are very, very cute.  If you live around here I’d swing by the garden and pick up a couple before they are gone.  I personally lightened up their load by four today.

My last find of the day was really found last weekend.  For the past several weeks E’s been complaining about her shoes feeling tight, but she had summer shoes for the summer, and it seemed strange to replace them mid-season.  When I finally got around to taking her school shopping she measured two-and-a-half sizes larger than she did in the spring.  Bad parent.

No wonder those size one shoes were hurting.  Make way for the big feet.  Which makes me laugh when I see the slogan for the shoes she ended up ordering – a little love for little feet.  She’s entering adult size territory, so the challenge of finding age appropriate shoes might get a bit tougher.  Her dad wears a whopping size fifteen-and-a-half – special order always – so I’m guessing we have shoe challenges ahead of us.  

But for now we have cute silver shoes with a flower – perfectly perfect for an eight-year-old.  And if we’re lucky, she’ll get a few weeks’ wear out of them before she’s growing again!

I hope this Friday finds you well – if you feel so compelled, share a find of your own.
And for our East coast friends (and travelers!) – I hope next week finds you drying out!  Be careful!

messier before cleaner

First sanding, then priming and painting.  Sunday she might have her room back.  I’ll never be so happy to vacuum and dust.