Daily Archives: August 27, 2011


Today I’m pining for something on multiple levels.  On the level that I wish I had thought of this first.  And on the level that I wish this had been around when E was first turning one.  And the level that if I had a bottomless pocketbook I’d put one of these under the tree for all my nieces and nephews this Christmas.
The Paloma Poster is a custom chart that documents the first year of your child’s life.  You supply the information and child’s name at the top of the chart, and this gorgeous print makes its way to your home and your wall.  I’d take this over a traditional baby book any day. 
Some details I love:  The custom chart showing milestones of movement,
 number of blog posts written about the star child,
favorite things and tear triggers (as if you could ever forget those!),
and the gorgeous colors and name made out of tiny birds.  These beauties start at $150 dollars, with many $$ more to add things like custom silhouettes and the like.  But if you are looking for a really unique gift for a first birthday, or want to hang a row of these, one for each of your children, I think it’s a beautiful idea.  If you are doing it post date, you might have to search back in your memory a bit.  Or read back over those 708 blog posts you wrote.

friday morning in the garden