Monthly Archives: October 2011

ice cream break

We had another busy weekend, but we did manage to take a little time to get out and enjoy the nice weather on Saturday and get a late lunch here.  And considering the night before was the victorious Game Seven, many diners looked like they were just rolling in for breakfast.  (Take a minute to check out the link – the place really is very cool.)
It’s funny how the girls could look at a menu full of the best sounding ice cream desserts and want something called The World’s Smallest Hot Fudge Sundae, and The World’s Smallest Ice Cream Cone, but novelty often wins out over reason, and the tiny treats were big hits.  It’s an impressive menu, and not what you might think for a soda fountain – not a hotdog to be found.  (Thank goodness.)  I used to work pretty near this place, and it’s probably good that it’s not so close.  We’ll put this place on the to-go list for the next time family or friends are in town.  Consider that an invitation.  

the making of a city

So I’ve started on the artwork for my nephew’s room, so this will be the first of several posts as I make progress.  It’s not a gift (my sister’s paying me big, big bucks for it – right sis?!) so no surprises to ruin here.  I scored some canvases weeks ago at half price, and added them to some I already had.  I don’t have a plan for how this will look in the end, except for that plan in my mind… so it may or may not have this configuration, but this is what I’m starting with.

I’m also starting with the best sources for inspiration – some of my favorite children’s books.  And also a lot of materials that I have on hand.

A building a day?  That’s my goal for now.  Building one – midrise building, commercial on first floor and apartments above.  E’s favorite part – the ivy growing up the side.  Mine?  The awnings.

And because I couldn’t stop with one building… some little clothes for a possible clothesline between buildings?  Maybe, we’ll see.  And definitely a little construction equipment – now that was fun to cut out!  What do you think, sis?


Halloween, Part One was last night, and it was a good time, but still paled to the excitement of winning the World Series a few hours later.  I was too busy to make and decorate cookies this week, so I did some quick treats for the event that seemed to be a big hit.  These are Oreo mummies with fondant “bandages” and some black royal icing eyes (I always seem to have some royal icing in the fridge, and this time it was black.)

The second treat was zombie pops – just decorated marshmallows on a stick, nothing fancy – but all forty were snatched up within a few minutes.

Edible markers and small marshmallows affixed with corn syrup and a confetti sprinkle “dowel” made the dimensional eyeballs.

I manned the facepainting station at the party – where I did an owl on F’s cheek, and my most ridiculous request of the night (from E) – Hogwarts castle.  Which of course every other Hogwarts student in attendance (and there were quite a few) wanted afterwards.

We twisted Ella’s wet hair into sections and then wrapped them around sponge rollers the night before.  Friday morning her hair was large so we pulled it back into a ponytail, but by six o’clock it was suitably tamed, but still Hermione worthy.

My only regret?  The motion activated light up wand with sound effects.  With incredible sensitivity.  And no on-off switch.  E’s friend used a chopstick.  Wise, wise move.