Daily Archives: October 6, 2011

you’ll never know dear

For a good long time now I’ve included “You Are My Sunshine” in our evening repertoire. A few weeks ago M was putting the little one to bed and she started  changing the word “sunshine” to different family member’s names.  She ended up with “daddy” which completely melted his heart, and ever since then we all crowd around her each night to sing a round of the family names.  Some nights she still musters up a bit of energy and can get through her nuclear family and into the cousins and grandparents.  Some nights she’s so wiped out she gets through the first two lines and then starts sucking her thumb.  I finally decided that it needs to be caught on tape before she’s suddenly too old to sing it to us any more, or she really wishes we would all go away – at least for a little while – and give her some peace already.  Night one of videoing wasn’t too successful (videos were too dark), but tonight worked okay.  Sorry for my voice in the background.  She’s used to us all singing together, and if we whisper-sing, she whisper-sings too.