Daily Archives: October 10, 2011

first s’more

One of the best parts of the whole weekend was having absolutely no idea what time it was.  No watches, no cell phones.  Just the sun and the sound of early bird children in the morning and the crackling fire and late night laughter of adults at the end of the day.  Every once in awhile we would take a stab at what time we thought it might be and we were always way off.  It doesn’t take long to remove yourself from that kind of schedule.  Saturday night, after a pretty long and mildly challenging group hike, we all headed back to camp to eat dinner and hang out.  F was so exhausted by this point she was pretty much a walking zombie, so we let her put a s’more together early, way before the sun set.  A few bites into it she paused, and nearly fell asleep sitting up.  But she really enjoyed those first bites.
The kids played, food settled, and one by one the little ones were put into their tents.  The grownups emerged, one by one, from the tents and rejoined the circle.  More s’mores, and then a guess about the time.  10:00, 10:30… and then we finally discovered that it was just a few minutes after eight.  The kids were passed out and the grownups were spent and it wasn’t even nine o’clock.  That’s the sign of a very, very good day.

hitting the wall

So we got our free soloing on this weekend, Alex Honnold style.  Let’s see him scale 1600 feet with nothing but his hands and feet with a thirty pound toddler strapped to his back and an eight year old hanging from one leg.

Seriously though, we watched this guy on 60 Minutes.  Crazy.  Here’s our full shot, showing feet in my favorite position – firmly on a trail. 

We’re back from an amazing weekend of camping with six other families, and M and E were camping before that with E’s class.  It is 9:47pm on Sunday night and I can officially say that we’re all showered (hooray!), the laundry is spinning, the tent and sleeping bags are all stretched out, drying off the remaining dew that wasn’t quite dry when we packed up this morning, and I am beat.  This is all I’ve got for tonight.  I have two cameras from two trips full of photos to eventually look through, but I’ve got a bed that does not inflate calling my name. 
Top photo of Honnold from the documentary “Alone on the Wall” trailer.