Daily Archives: October 13, 2011

who-who’s feathers

I mentioned awhile back that F is going to be an owl this Halloween.  I’m using the idea below, but making her owl a little more colorful, and the feathers a little bit smaller since she’s a little bit smaller.  I cut the pieces out tonight, and will probably assemble it sometime next week – and make the mask.  The mask affixes to sunglasses, but her current pair is too curved to work.  I might just go get a cheap pair of kids sunglasses and pop the lenses out so it’s not so dark at night.  I think the sunglasses idea is a great one – the eye holes stay in place that way and hopefully the mask will as well.  Because without the mask she might just look like an artichoke.  Or the top of an asparagus stalk.  But most decidedly not Hedwig-type owl, much to E’s Hermione’s chagrin.  
Photos above from alphamom.