Daily Archives: October 14, 2011

friday finds

This Friday finds me WORN OUT – and it’s only four o’clock in the afternoon.  What a day.  Pardon the post if it rambles in ten thousand directions (and links) like my mind is.
So, E found herself with a day off of school but a field trip anyway.  Her class went to the Danforth Plant Science Center for the World Food Day Commemoration, where they packaged food to be sent to sub-Saharan Africa.  The Center works at long term solutions to the world hunger crisis – this event highlights a short term component of the process.  E had a sticker on her shirt that said – “Today I fed 10,000 people and I don’t even know how to cook.”  To which my friend noted that she should tear off the bottom portion of the sticker – if there is one thing these kids know how to do – it’s cook.  E’s class has been visiting various types of farms in the area – from small urban gardens to mid-size organic to large, conventional farms.  A big portion of what she studies in school relates to nutrition, to food preparation, to conservation and health – and whether they are cooking for the school each day at lunchtime or cooking around the fire on classroom field trips or packaging soy protein and rice meals for people on the other side of the globe – she is gaining an understanding of what it means (requires, costs) to eat.  For those who grew up on a farm (like my dad), this wasn’t required teaching, it was the main event.  For those of us who didn’t, and for those who have little connection to the source of their food – it’s an ongoing educational process – and a reminder of how truly blessed we are.

The process and machinery involved was exacting and large, so no toddlers allowed.  F and I went to search for a reusable container for ice cream so we could save the disposable ones for gifts only.  There are a few ice cream container shaped freezer containers out there, but they are fairly expensive.  We opted for some that were half the cost, even if they aren’t in that cute little pint and quart shapes like our throw away ones.

After E returned home, we met friends out for lunch (photo of F above enjoying her milkshake) and then visited a new fabric store in the area.  It carries a lot of the fabric lines of bloggers that I enjoy, so it was fun to walk around and get ideas for future projects that I probably have no time for.  I will certainly go back sometime (without a squirrely toddler, ready for a nap.) 
One quick trip to the art store, trips to two grocery stores, and one short visit to get the gratitude sign laminated and we finally find ourselves at home.  We’re about to find ourselves with a houseful of guests – both sets of grandparents are coming for Grandparents Day at E’s school on Monday.  And guess who’s in charge of hosting that event?
You guessed correctly.  So now I’ll sign off and find myself an apron and an oven mitt.  There’s baking to be done.  I hope you found something delicious on your lunch tray today, or have a weekend full of visiting ahead of you.  If you want to share – please do.


Years ago I fell in love with Famille Summerbelle – are you really surprised?  These paper cut masterpieces are spectacular.  I love the city maps – that’s Paris above, and London below.  I’ve always thought their wallpapers were really lovely as well.  They have some new things out, and when I was browsing along I remembered how much I used to enjoy reading their blog, so I think I’ll start doing that again.  I love learning about the back story of the maps – they are currently working on San Fransisco, and the sketches and early designs are really cool to see.  

New wallpaper below.  Gorgeous.  I’d love this in a fabric.  I’d make curtains for F’s room in a heartbeat.