Daily Archives: October 17, 2011

worn out

If I can start out this post like the last one I’ll say this:  This Sunday finds me worn out.  Really, really worn out.  But not the kind of overwhelmed worn out, just the worn out that follows a really fun weekend at a near constant state of go.  And those are okay occasionally, as long as I don’t make a habit of it.  So I’m terribly sorry for my absence, but I’ll be back here tomorrow evening,  hopefully with a few pictures of what I’ve been working on this weekend, and a few good recipe recommendations.  Because if there is one thing we did well this weekend, it was eat.
Have a great week.
And a post script:  I looked back on my Friday finds from a week ago where I mentioned some Christmas card prep but forgot to upload the picture.  Seemed a bit confusing when the picture I did upload was of felt birds.  
Block printing.  Not birds.  Although I do love me some birds.