Daily Archives: October 22, 2011

like visiting an old friend

When my parents said they were going to Maine for a week, I immediately wished I could pack myself in their suitcase and go with them.  Even though I’ve never been, there are places that I’ve visited (via SouleMama) through Amanda’s eyes, and I knew if I ever went there in person, those were the places I would make sure to visit.  So I sent my parents a few addresses and links, and sure enough – they stopped in.  Because, after all, Maine is not so big a place, and even going off the beaten track is a completely reasonable thing to do.  Especially if you end up in a place like Alewives.

And even though my grandmother left us an entire fabric store for the taking, there is always room for a few more pieces, for an afternoon perusing the bolts and fingering thicknesses and dreaming of projects so far in the future.  It’s in the blood, I tell you.  I just might have to tackle that sewing machine one day.

Until then, I think I’ll have someone else make me a pillow out of this fabric, and think about projects for the fabric squares above.  But not too much – I’ve got holiday cards to make.

And so even though we’ve never met, I start most days with Amanda’s photos of a small farm in Maine, and visit those lovely spots vicariously through others.