Daily Archives: October 23, 2011

another apple

I wrote a post years ago with the phrase “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” and showed a photograph of E asleep amidst a stack of books.  For years she fell asleep that way – sneaking a light on after lights out time, or just reading by the light of the hallway.  Now she just falls asleep with one longer book splayed across her chest, as I’ve been known to do more than once.
Just recently we’ve discovered F is doing the same thing.  “Sneaking” her light back on at night, reading to herself and the numerous friends in her bed, and then collapsing on top of the whole heap a bit later.  And as many times as we might remind her to go to sleep, she’ll still manage to reach on tippy-toes to the light switch on the wall and make the evening reading time extend just a wee bit longer.  Because she knows she won’t ever really get in trouble for doing what the rest of the apple tree loves best to do.

the boy in the oak

I love when the girls’ grandparents have me shop for books that they can give to them for various holidays.  E’s school’s annual book fair is coming up next month, and that’s the most fun.  I get to spend the weekend volunteering at the store, which means lots of book perusing and shopping.  Even though I had forgotten about it, this was one of the books I picked up for E last year.  Her grandmother gave it to her for Halloween, and I can’t wait to read it tonight before bed.  The combination of pencil drawings and photographs on vellum throughout the book are so incredible, and slightly eery.  Perfect reading for late October nights.