Daily Archives: November 4, 2011

city progress and a (photo) confession

This is the state of my desk most days.  I’m embarrassed to show it, but here it is.  In my defense, I used to have a whole room devoted to the projects that I like to work on, and now that I no longer have it (enter cute baby), I realize how much I miss it.  It’s hard to stop and start and get much of anything done, and I’ve found the set up and take down sometimes don’t always happen.  Probably because the making part is much more fun, and probably because the making happens right up until the very last second of free moments that I have, leaving no time for the clean up.  I found myself with one hour of time this afternoon, and this is what I had in front of me.  So I made a wise decision and took fifteen seconds to lift it all off the desk and onto the bed.  I’ll tackle it later when I’m forced to – you know, when I decide I’d actually like to lie down in that bed.
In that hour this is what I did.  Finished off the civic building with a nice, fancy dome.

The bottom section was looking too gray (although I love those dimensional stairs!) so I added some planters and then some bunting.  Because nothing says “civic” like bunting. 

Here’s the city as it’s shaping up.  That unwrapped canvas will be the top section of the residential building.  Check back later tonight for that.

Hour’s up!  (And so is that baby!)

friday finds

Well.  Once I uploaded the photos it sure seems like all we found today were purchases.  But we have had a really fun day today.  F and I dropped off her sister and came back home for a leisurely breakfast.  After some serious play dough work, the sun came out, the wind died down and we decided to head out for a couple of hours of gift shopping.  We hit two areas around here – Webster Groves and Maplewood – and I think we made out like a bandit.  First on the list, a hostess gift.  Then a few cute things from Verde Kids for the little one to fill a slight gap in the hand-me-downs.

Some birthday gifts for a talented writer and artist…

…and maybe even a talented seamstress…

 …or mechanic?
And then I finally got over to Maven – I’ve been wanting to for awhile, but never seem to do it.  F’s not the type to do a lot of window shopping – she’s a hands on girl for sure.  But I gave her a couple of hedgehog fingernail brushes to hold and shopped and smelled my way through all the custom made soapy goodness.

And I really couldn’t pass up this cupcake shaped bath bomb for my bath bomb-loving daughter (who happens to be named after a great aunt whose nickname is “Sookie”).  Full circle, you see?

And one quick trip back to the Fabric Nosherie where I got three small pieces of fabric that I absolutely adore.  I have a few materials in mind for F’s curtains (eventually!) – not these – and I really have no idea what I’m going to do with them, but I loved them.  If F didn’t have sixteen burpies of her own (!) I’d make her some with these. 

And these cars.  Oh, the cars.  Finding lots of sweet things for sweet people – and inspiration to boot.  Hope this Friday finds you well and finding a bit of weekend inspiration yourself.  Please share!