friday finds

Well.  Once I uploaded the photos it sure seems like all we found today were purchases.  But we have had a really fun day today.  F and I dropped off her sister and came back home for a leisurely breakfast.  After some serious play dough work, the sun came out, the wind died down and we decided to head out for a couple of hours of gift shopping.  We hit two areas around here – Webster Groves and Maplewood – and I think we made out like a bandit.  First on the list, a hostess gift.  Then a few cute things from Verde Kids for the little one to fill a slight gap in the hand-me-downs.

Some birthday gifts for a talented writer and artist…

…and maybe even a talented seamstress…

 …or mechanic?
And then I finally got over to Maven – I’ve been wanting to for awhile, but never seem to do it.  F’s not the type to do a lot of window shopping – she’s a hands on girl for sure.  But I gave her a couple of hedgehog fingernail brushes to hold and shopped and smelled my way through all the custom made soapy goodness.

And I really couldn’t pass up this cupcake shaped bath bomb for my bath bomb-loving daughter (who happens to be named after a great aunt whose nickname is “Sookie”).  Full circle, you see?

And one quick trip back to the Fabric Nosherie where I got three small pieces of fabric that I absolutely adore.  I have a few materials in mind for F’s curtains (eventually!) – not these – and I really have no idea what I’m going to do with them, but I loved them.  If F didn’t have sixteen burpies of her own (!) I’d make her some with these. 

And these cars.  Oh, the cars.  Finding lots of sweet things for sweet people – and inspiration to boot.  Hope this Friday finds you well and finding a bit of weekend inspiration yourself.  Please share!

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