Daily Archives: November 5, 2011

the saturdays

Yesterday afternoon the baby was sleeping and E got dropped off at home after school so that I didn’t have to wake up the little one.  I was stealing a few moments to work on the city piece, and she hopped up on the only bare spot on the bed and started reading.  We had twenty glorious minutes of this – three feet apart, lost in our own little worlds.  I love that about this girl.  She is dreamy to work on a project with, and just as wonderful to be near when we’re doing our own thing.
Side note about the book she’s just about to finish in that shot above.  She has a four-week assignment for school that required her to select a book off her shelf that she hadn’t read yet.  She had four, but struggled to pick which one.  First she read the summary on the back of each book out loud to her father and I, and managed to put one book to the side.  Then she was stuck.  M suggested she close her eyes and pick, which she did, and when she opened her eyes she declared that she had randomly chosen her second choice  – her first choice had been The Saturdays.  We asked her why she closed her eyes and picked a book if she already had a first choice in mind, but she really didn’t have an answer.  She started reading her book for class, and we left her reading in bed and went about the rest of our evening.
At almost midnight we called it a night and went upstairs to check on the girls.  E’s light was on, and she was passed out across the bed with an outstretched arm over the side, book in hand, finger holding her place.  I slowly took the book out of her still hand, making sure to hold her place until I inserted a bookmark.  I flipped the book over, expecting to see Any Which Wall, but instead found this book – The Saturdays.  Her first choice won out.
Two afternoons later (I caught her once reading it as she walked down the stairs) – it’s done.  If you’ve got an open Saturday (or any day), she highly recommends it.


Once I determined the final layout of the city I decided the residential building needed more height – and a roof garden.  Here’s the top part of the building, and the clothesline idea that’s been floating around for a few days.