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friday finds

This Friday found me working on a day that I normally don’t.  Actually, let me back up that statement a bit.  I should have said a day that I normally don’t work in my office.  I know the pictures portray long, leisurely Fridays of garden strolling, local shopping, good eating, and afternoon napping, but mixed into those things is always work of a different sort – the work of school and church and cookie-baking-paper-making kind of things.  And sometimes it’s just a huge catch up point from a hectic week of wearing and working under too many hats on any given day.  Which may explain why I was a bit grumpy that I had to work in the office, particularly on a day when not one, but both girls were at home.
I got over it, and quickly. 
One thing I try to be mindful of is my attitude.  I know that any given day might find me doing things that I’d rather not be doing, but for the most part I’m incredibly fortunate to be able to fill most days with those things that I really love to do.  So whether they come in bits and spurts, or stretch out leisurely through the entire day, I usually manage to find them somehow, and be grateful for them always.  

I ended the day wedged into a restaurant booth halfway between our house and the Shaw Nature Reserve where the other three spent the afternoon.  The girls were tired, but they rallied a bit for good pizza, and even the antsy little one had her moments of sweetness.  There’s nothing much better than watching a toddler eat an endless string of melted pizza cheese.  

It is 7:53 pm, everyone’s bathed and pajama-ed and all three are asleep upstairs.  The house is quiet, and I find myself in need of a long, warm soak in the tub and a little reading before an early night.  Sometimes finding an attitude adjustment is the best find of all.  And a big tub full of bubbles is a very close second.

Hoping you found a few moments of peace in the busyness that is Friday. 

cookies done

Now that’s a lot of writing…
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