Daily Archives: November 29, 2011

(last) friday finds: nothing "black" about it

We skipped the crazy crowds on Friday and opted to do our shopping and eating in a downtown not too far from the farm.  We found ourselves on twisty stools eating ice cream before noon.  I’ve really come to love the habit of finding interesting and unique things while I’m wandering around on Fridays, and although this city is nowhere near my local (think 33 hours spent in the car over the five days!), it’s still a nice collection of small businesses, and not a line (or parking lot) in sight.  We had a hard time pulling ourselves out of that bookstore, but lunch (a real one, not an ice cream one) was waiting.
I hope you found something interesting and unique last Friday – whether it was in the crowds, or well outside of them.  Share if you’d like.