welcome to the top floor!

It was kind of fun to come out of a long meeting this afternoon and find my inbox full of messages – about E’s room, of all things.  It just took a few seconds to connect the dots and realize that her attic room was featured on Young House Love this afternoon – right here!
I’ve been following Sherry and John for awhile now and remembering fondly back to the days of just having one small child, one old house, a legal pad full of house projects, and more drive than dollars for getting those things done.  I wouldn’t say we have more dollars now, but definitely less drive.  But we still manage to get a lot done, and plan for a lot more to come.  If you’re curious about the rest of the house, there are plenty of projects and before and after’s under rehab slide shows and renovation.  And just to be fair to the other kid (that whole sibling rivalry thing), F’s room is a lot of fun too.
If you aren’t checking out YHL every single day then you must.  Trust me, you’ll get hooked – and more than a little motivated.  And for all of those questions out there about E’s room and beyond – I’ll get back to you later tonight after the kids go to bed.  Thanks for visiting – we’re pretty proud of our third story (and the little ones that inhabit it!)

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  1. I love your blog, so glad I found it thanks to YHL 🙂

  2. Oh yeahhhh!!! How exciting! I can’t tell you how cool it was to “repin” your bathroom on Pinterest! And just because I felt special… I commented, saying: “Hey! I know this bathroom! I’ve peed in this bathroom! Seriously.” You probably need new friends.

  3. Tricia – never! (On the new friends part.)

  4. Just found your blog today from YHL and I’m hooked! With my own little girl at 17 months and baby #2 on the way I love getting a peek into the “real life” of another family that feels a bit like ours. Also love your writing style–beautiful, moving, and entertaining all in one!

  5. So glad I read YHL. I found your blog b/c of that! I’m on Volume 4 of your slide shows and I’m amazed at all of the hard work. I’m your newest follower. Can’t wait to continue reading about your journey.

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