while the little one naps

E and I began working on the first of our projects while the little one napped.  I’m working on being more mindful of that quiet time when E can have some undivided attention.  Too often we are scrambling in that two hour-ish break in the day to “get something done” as if the rest of the day we are not doing anything of real worth.  I’m not even sure what that something is – all I know is that I can fill that time with trying to get another load of laundry done, another room vacuumed, a few more emails responded too – and I usually just end up realizing how very little I accomplish and how exhausted I am at the end of the process, right when F is up and charged and ready to go full steam. 

Inspired by the embroidered and stuffed dolls in made to play, we used that as a jumping off point for our toy making venture.  We’re turning some of our favorite story books into three dimensional dolls, starting with the drawing and embroidering of the character onto some scrap fabric leftover from F’s Halloween costume.  I’m working on Ladybug Girl, and E’s working on Knuffle Bunny.

The light is so great in our bedroom, and we both sat back on a pile of pillows and stitched and talked for several hours.  It was just the break I needed in the middle of the day, and just what E needs as well.

Here’s what you can accomplish in two hours on a Saturday.  Scratch the accomplish part.  Here’s how much fun you can have in two hours on a Saturday afternoon.

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  1. What kind of ink did you use there? Does it fade away eventually?

  2. The ink does fade in 24-48 hours, and washes out with cold water if you want it gone in less time.

    The brand we used is called Quilting Basket but I know there are dozens of kinds of fabric pens out there.

    I feel pretty comfortable freehand drawing the characters so I don’t mind if it fades and I have to redraw parts of it later. But they do make other pens that stay longer but that you can wash off if you only want to draw once.

  3. thanks.

  4. Since I started reading your blog I’ve been trying to be more intentional about what I do with my 3 year old daughter, just the two of us while the baby naps. This weekend was going to a kid’s science lab and she had a blast!
    Loving your posts!

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