Daily Archives: March 1, 2012

Ladybug Girl can do anything!

I’m not quite sure why I thought I’d leap from simple outline of an owl (first try at embroidery) to Ladybug Girl (insanely detailed second try at embroidery), but now I understand it.  I’m a) a sucker for a challenge, or b) a glutton for punishment.  But I’m having a blast.  I took a photo of E’s progress as well on Knuffle Bunny, but she wants me to wait until the face is complete for the big reveal.  I feel the same way about Lulu – she has legs and hands and half a face now so she’s looking a little bit strange herself.  Once we finish our first storybook characters we’re going to make their other halves – Trixie and Bingo.  Then we’ll find a backing material, stitch them up, stuff them and put them into our secret toy making bin for the holidays.  Seems a bit ambitious for February?  Not if we keep picking book characters with red tutu’s and polka dot boots.

more photos

I got some more washi tape and spray mounted some more photos like I did here.  Right now they are in the corner of the living room, but they will move once we get the room done and the furniture in the right places.  It drives me a little nuts that the tape is so expensive (like almost $12 for a two pack), but then I remember that I can “frame” almost twenty photos per roll, the photos themselves were under a dime a piece and the foam core was scraps.  It’s a lot cheaper than a wall of frames – even the cheap IKEA ones I had before.  I’ve always liked the look of just a simple photograph affixed to the wall – this is just a small step up from that.  So now I have another dozen+ done and ready to hang.