Ladybug Girl can do anything!

I’m not quite sure why I thought I’d leap from simple outline of an owl (first try at embroidery) to Ladybug Girl (insanely detailed second try at embroidery), but now I understand it.  I’m a) a sucker for a challenge, or b) a glutton for punishment.  But I’m having a blast.  I took a photo of E’s progress as well on Knuffle Bunny, but she wants me to wait until the face is complete for the big reveal.  I feel the same way about Lulu – she has legs and hands and half a face now so she’s looking a little bit strange herself.  Once we finish our first storybook characters we’re going to make their other halves – Trixie and Bingo.  Then we’ll find a backing material, stitch them up, stuff them and put them into our secret toy making bin for the holidays.  Seems a bit ambitious for February?  Not if we keep picking book characters with red tutu’s and polka dot boots.

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  1. This makes me want to try embroidery! My daughter is a huge fan of the Ladbug Girl seires and your work so far looks great. This is my first comment so I have to tell you that I really enjoy your blog!

  2. Thanks”. I’m almost done… The face is the hardest.

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