Daily Archives: March 9, 2012

inside outside upside down

I picked up this Sarah Jane Studios fabric at Fabric Nosherie last weekend, along with a few other fat quarters of fabric loveliness.  I thought it would be perfect for the back of my Ladybug Girl.
And it was.

E’s actually done with Knuffle Bunny now (although I haven’t snapped a finished picture yet), and the two of us are onto Trixie and Bingo.  While we work we talk of other much loved book characters and plan out our projects for the year.  We’re thinking of some sort of bag / box / container of F’s favorite storybook characters to go along with some of her favorite books she already owns this Christmas.  We’ve got plenty of time (and plenty of fabric scraps) to collect quite a few, but we both agreed we might take it down a notch from Ladybug Girl.  She’s ambitious alright, but she sure is cute.


Be still my paper-cutting-loving heart.  Over 12,000 sheets of colored paper.  And the song is lovely too.