Daily Archives: March 14, 2012

do you pinterest?

To pin or not to pin…  I’m still up in the air.  I gained a few followers on Pinterest after E’s bedroom was featured on Young House Love – and I feel a little guilty about it because I’m such a boring pinner.  I like the concept, but I get overwhelmed by too many images.  I think I like to look, but not linger.  And I’m still a rip-the-page-out-of-a-magazine kind of girl.  Which is funny, since I don’t get many magazines anymore. 
What’s more strange to me is seeing images of my own showing up on Pinterest.  When I started blogging I felt like I was opening the shades on one of my front windows about halfway.  Pinterest makes me feel like I’ve thrown open the sashes, lassoed the neighbor’s house with a clothesline, and hung out the laundry to wave freely in the air along the sidewalk.  Oh, and invited the world to my front yard to hang out and examine the towels and sheets and leave a comment card if they like.
I do enjoy having a starting point for tackling projects of my own – and inspiration is everywhere, not just on the computer screen.  I like YHL’s Sherry’s idea of challenging their readers to stop pinning and start doing.  If you want to participate – or just see some neat projects inspired by those endless pins than check out the links here.
What are your thoughts on Pinterest?  Do you pin?

the middle moments

office inspiration – Dorothee Monestier of My Little Day via Design*Sponge
When times get really busy, M and I find ourselves talking more through email than in person.  That sounds really sad when I type it here, but occasionally it happens that way.  He gets up early, I do morning duties with the kiddos, he does afternoons.  We tag team evenings around meetings and extra work.  It’s not always the ideal, and it’s not always the norm, but for the foreseeable future it’s our life. 
We touch base via email mid-morning – just a quick check in to say everyone made to it to school / school / work / work.  At lunch I quick browse a few of my favorite blogs, and check personal email.  Occasionally I’ll find something I like, or an email deal catches my eye and I’ll jot off a quick note to him with an image or a link.  Sometimes immediately – and sometimes a little later in the day – I’ll get a note back.  That is cool.  Wow.  Pretty pricey, but sweet.  I’d love to be able to do that.  I love that part of my day – I love thinking about something that relates to my family or our home, and knowing that someone is on the other end of that thought, thinking the same thing.
Late afternoon emails verify pickups and dropoffs, missing ingredients for the scheduled menu, and last minute changes of plans.  The day moves back into the juggle mode of commutes and commitments. 
I love the middle moments.