Daily Archives: March 16, 2012

day is done

Tonight I was hanging out in E’s room while she read before bedtime.  I set up shop for some invitation work, and it was nice to sit there together, with the faint sounds of basketball games on my iPhone in the background.  She was sitting in the center of the bed, legs crossed, deeply engrossed in her book.  I looked up when I noticed she seemed to have shifted – she was leaning forward at an odd angle.  After a few seconds I realized she was asleep… and drifting forward.  At the last second she stretched her arms out in front of her, keeping a hand in the spot of her book where she left off.  With camera in hand I recorded this moment before shifting her around to her pillow.  (Reminds me of this, many moons ago.)

I can’t wait to show her this photo in the morning.  
And speaking of falling asleep in a book – that’s where I’m headed right now – and before eleven, no less!