Daily Archives: March 17, 2012

in the mood

We’re inching our ways towards getting the back room put together. March and April are pretty jam packed months with work and other obligations, but I have my fingers crossed that May might usher in a little more time to work on some projects around the house.
I saw a post on Prettypegs yesterday on Design*Sponge.  The site sells beautiful, handmade legs to replace the rather mundane legs that you find on IKEA furniture.  Which got me kind of excited about some of the possibilities for adding some lower cost furniture (with a twist) in this Studio / TV Room and reserving funds for a nicer sofa in the Living Room downstairs – still leaning towards the Petrie Sofa from Crate and Barrel for that room.
I put together a mood board for the back room, and M’s downstairs working on part of one of my 52 projects that will go in this room.  I’m pretty excited about it (although I’ve already sort of spoiled the surprise in an earlier post).  In fact, I’m wrapping up a few of those projects this weekend (between good basketball games), and I’ll have a score of projects under my belt once this room is in place.  Exciting!
Studio / TV

weeknight dessert

This past Tuesday I didn’t get home until nine thirty at night.  I needed to make a dessert for a birthday at work the next day (a tradition I’ve tried to keep for the last four or five years), but I knew that I couldn’t stay up for hours that night.  These little french fudge cakes from How to Eat Supper by Lynne Rossetto Kasper are a good go-to dessert.  The recipe makes six, but doubles easily.  It’s the kind of dessert you can put together with ingredients you have on hand – no mixer, short baking time – and they are divine right out of the oven with gooey, melty chocolate on the inside.
I find that I turn to this cookbook a lot for quick, easy, original dinner ideas (and the occasional dessert.)  I’m looking forward to picking up a copy of her latest cookbook as well.

friday finds

This Friday found us late dining outside in weather that felt more like early May than late March.  It was decidedly March when it came to basketball and that madness, and decidedly March in the earlier sunset, plus the donning of green (yes, we’re wearing that same shirt tomorrow)…

and we didn’t let an early sunset deter us from walking home (me and E), briskly in the dark, but energized by the warm weather and the weekend ahead.

Still adjusting to a new kind of Friday, but finding that Friday dinner continues to be one of my favorite things.
Hope this Friday finds you well, enjoying the weather, and maybe a little basketball  – share if you’d like.