Daily Archives: March 24, 2012

christmas in march

So it feels more like May than March, and I’m posting pictures from Christmas.  Confused yet?
Hey, look at this!  I tore the place up two years ago looking for E’s drawing that inspired my Christmas card a few years back.  Turns out I had scanned it before it was tossed (or put away for safekeeping in some undisclosed location) and it was in my computer all along!

…and the card that I made from it.

Would you think it weird if I already had ideas for this year’s card tossing about in my head?

and another one…

Here’s the other book we did for my nephew.  E gets a kick out of how her writing looked when she was five.  Doesn’t seem like that long ago.  Favorites here?  I like Oklahoma – I remember E coming up with that because she has a big map on her wall over her table. 

sorting and purging

I might be a bit of a clearing house over the weekend on the blog.  Doing a bit of tidying up and finding some long lost treasures.
These were pages of two books that E and I made for her cousins in 2008.  Time sure does fly.  I was newly pregnant with F at the time, and no one outside of M and I knew.  Now she’s one big giant ball of toddler, and I want to make her some of her own books like this.  The ideas are turning.
These were all paper collages, and the letter pages were done by E, while I made the covers for each book.  We published them in paperback using Blurb.  They were lots of fun.  Here’s the first:

Got a favorite?  I like the ruler.  And the neck!