Monthly Archives: April 2012

after the storms

Things looked a little beat up around here on Sunday morning (including our car).  I’m always amazed at the resiliency of flowers though.  They seemed a bit weighed down, but stunning nonetheless.

The animals seemed a bit groggy after an eventful night – everything was slower moving at the zoo.  And that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  Finding yourself at a quiet zoo is sometimes the best kind of zoo at all.

We were there for a Girl Scout event, but afterwards wandered around a bit on our own.  F likes to insert herself as an older kid whenever she can, and at this particular station she did just that.  When asked what they might want to be when they are older she just skipped the “teacher-veterinarian-doctor-scientist” route and decided when she is older she wants to be four-and-a-half.  It’s good to dream big.

more birthday: precision and precise

I also recently spent some birthday money from my sister on two things I’ve had my eyes on for awhile.  A kitchen scale – hooray!  Now that I’ve had it for three days I’m not sure how I survived without it.  With somewhat limited counterspace I’ve known in the back of my mind that I should purchase a nice slimline digital scale that can slip easily into a drawer.  But I’ve secretly pined for one of these larger, retro scales.  Which probably explains why it’s taken me so long to actually purchase one.  This morning it was fun to measure out the three different flours in our favorite pancakes – and the girls have big plans for baking experiments (and other experiments). 
The other book I’ve been wanting for awhile is this one:

I could spend hours just taking in all of the intricate cutwork.  Some of my favorites are the ones that combine building structures and landscapes…

 …ink and paper, folding and quilling…

 …three-dimensional fairly tale works that spring from the pages of old books…

 …and the bold silhouttes and stunning details of birds in flight.

I have a gorgeous screen print from a Famille Summerbelle papercut in a tube on my desk right now.  It’s for E’s birthday (a gift from my parents, and part of her big nine-year-old surprise room redo), so it has to stay in hiding for awhile, but I pulled it out late one night and marvelled at how beautiful it is.  I’m so excited to get it in a frame and on her wall.  Here’s a photo of the piece below.

I’ve been working this weekend on my “mystery project”, which of course involves paper.  And I’m working on some delicious eats in the kitchen.  So I guess you could say my sister gave the absolutely perfect birthday gifts.  Thanks, sis. 


Most mornings now F likes to bring a few books downstairs with her and sit on our bed while I finish getting ready.  Lately she’s taken to un-making the bed enough to pile up the pillows and make herself a cozy little nest.  She has not, however, taken to re-making the bed when she’s done.
I’m usually ready before I get the girls up, but I leave drying my hair until the last.  So if she’s sitting on my bed, then I’m likely in the next room with a noisy hairdryer on.  This does not stop her from trying to carry on a conversation with me.  It just makes her louder.
What are these letters? 
At this point I’ve turned off the hair dryer and come to the doorway because all yelling sounds like some dire emergency yelling when you have that kind of hot air noise in your ear.
What.  Are.  These.  LETTERS?!?
(We’ve had this conversation before.  She wants me to be reading to her, not getting ready for work.)
I remind her that she knows her letters now (even though she still doesn’t pronounce her beginning s- sounds) and she should find some that she knows.  This does not satisfy her.  Not at all.
I FOUND the letters already.  Make the letters a (s)TORY.  I want them to be a (s)TORY!
This is the beginning; I remember it well.  That desire, even packaged in the bossiest of voices, is music to my still warm ears.