Monthly Archives: May 2012

admiring: added depth

I’m not going to lie.  The island in this kitchen renovation had me at hello.  And while the overall feel of the kitchen skews just slightly more traditional than I might opt for in my own kitchen addition, it has a very similar feel to the one I’m working on for my sister and her family.  What I’m diggin the most is that enormous depth to the working island and the contrast in materials between the wood and the stone.  I dream of countertop depths like this one, and that deep custom sink with the integral drying rack in the back is perfect for baking.  I’m always rinsing off measuring cups to resuse a little later, and they then sit on kitchen towels taking up useable counter space.
Maybe I have dream kitchens on the brain because I’m cranking out a cookie job this week on my standard depth / no island kitchen counters.

maybe not epic, but decent

F eats everything in epic proportions and with gusto.
We’ve given Epic Pizza in our neighborhood a couple of tries in the past month.  Don’t get me wrong – it’s decent pizza, cooked fresh, and available by the slice, which is delightful for a family full of completely different pizza tastes.  But I’m not ashamed to admit that we’re spoiled with several really good pizza places – exactly like the kind I ate when I lived in Italy – and the kind that just doesn’t leave you, and leaves little room for the slices that fall short.  And thank goodness for those very places that save us from the kind of pizza style named after our fair city.  Call me blasphemous, but ick. 

first day of summer (break)

Never underestimate the power of moving water and a stick.

Even though we still work full time over the summer, I do think there was a bit of an exhale this weekend now that the school schedule is over for awhile.  There’s still a busy camp schedule ahead, but it’s a different pace, and I’m excited for that.  Saturday we wandered around the farmer’s market and played in the wading pool for a couple of hours.  On the way back to the car we stopped at the stream and sent boats made out of twigs along the current and under the stone bridge.  There was a breeze and it was nice in the shade, despite the high temperatures and humidity.

Later we picked up prizes for our winner(s) and they are in the mail today.  A little slice of some of our favorite places to hang out.  And no stick boats, I promise!