fifteen hundred and a giveaway

Nearly five years into this blog, and 1500 posts – today – I’m realizing that, arbitrary as it might be, it’s still a bit of a milestone.  1500 seems like a big number.  And when you multiply that number times words or pictures, you realize just how much we’ve recorded in this space over the last five years.
What started out as a place for me to write and record (as an avid non-scrapbooker), it soon became a place that friends and family could check in on us and see what we were up to.  And now it’s grown a bit farther, and I love having regular readers (and occasional commenters) from all over the globe.  I love this community.  It feels connected and quiet at the same time, if that makes any sense.  I find a good sense of balance here, a contented sense of sharing but not over-sharing.  I’m not always easy to catch on my cell phone, I’m not on Facebook, I treasure my privacy.  But the connections I have with those bloggers online that are pursuing the same things as me, that revel in the messiness of creating and renovating, that are raising small children (or raising none at all), that have made it through the tough work and joy of childbirth and postpartum stress, that like to frequent local gardens and shops and vendors over Amazon – these online communities sustain me and reconnect me to those things I treasure most.
So, to say thanks I’m throwing a bit of a party in the form of a giveway.  All you have to do is leave a comment and tell me about a favorite milestone of your own or your favorite category on this blog.  Do you come for the projects, the mess and the drywall dust, or to see pictures of the girls as they grow?  Garden pics or food pics?  Party time or down time?
Leave your comment between now and 10pm CST Wednesday evening and Thursday morning I’ll post the randomly selected winner.  Don’t leave your personal infomation in the comment – we’ll connect later if you’re the winner!
If you’re local, I’ll send you 1500 beans to spend at one of our favorite local haunts, and if you’re out-of-town I’ll send you 1500 beans worth of local goodies through the mail.  I know $15 won’t make you rich, and this blog surely won’t make you famous, but I promise it will be fun and I really, really am glad you’re here.

23 Responses to fifteen hundred and a giveaway

  1. I love your cookie shots and the craft projects you take on.

  2. I live in STL too so I love your posts about our wonderful city 🙂

  3. Is it wrong to answer “pieces of everything”? As opposed to blogs that I check that are just design, or just food/cookies, or just family, I look forward to the variety of posts and the reminder that as people we are never just one thing.

  4. Friday Finds (all the archives) and house updates! I live here too and have “live in the city” envy! Great blog.

  5. I initially came over for the “mess and drywall dust,”(via YoungHouseLove) but also love the crafting and food.

  6. Oh gosh…where do I start?? I’ve known you now for a little short of 20 years (OMG!!!) so I guess I like the family “tories” the best. But the former design student really likes the house updates. Such a toss up!! Keep it up! 🙂

  7. I shouldn’t post comments when I am exhausted… The former design student IN ME really likes the house updates.

    Going to bed now… 🙂

  8. I am most touched by the writing you do about your children—it is so real and heartfelt, and captures the wonder they experience and you experience through them. Thank you for continuing to share your thoughts!

  9. I love the calm that you bring to accounting your interactions with your girls. What a beautiful gift your stories will be to them as they grow! My favorite category of posts are the organizational ones. I especially liked the framed artwork that you made with the scanned pictures of all the wonderful paintings/scribbles/glitter collages/etc. I haven’t made one myself yet, but it is on my to-do list.

  10. Your creativity is so inspirational – poetry on the hem of a dress! I would never think of that! Also, my kids are a few steps ahead of yours and it is nice to remember life with an almost three year old. Especially when I took my baby girl prom dress shopping Saturday!

  11. I came across your blog when searching for the best “real” pizza in St. Louis. As a local, I love seeing the places you scope out, and some of them (The Future Antiques and Fabric Nosherie) are my favorites as well! This blog has also made me determined to finally purchase an annual pass to the gardens and check out the gorgeous Chinese dragon exhibit. So I guess my favorite thing is seeing the highlights of our city as enjoyed by your family.

    • Post tomorrow on our latest Fabric Nosherie creation…

      For me, I treat the garden as a place to run in for a minute, or an hour – not as a huge day long excursion. Feeling like I can tack a 15 minute walk onto errand running, or just stopping in for half an hour to check on the iris, really makes us enjoy and use our membership that much more. Remember – they open early for walkers on Wednesdays and Saturdays @ 7am instead of 9am. I don’t get there that early as much anymore, but that’s always free for residents.

  12. Okay. Okay! 🙂

    You did ask about personal milestones… and for me, turning 35 was a biggie. In just a few weeks, we’ll celebrate ten years of marriage and one week later, I’ll turn 36… another year gone. And I just can’t help but consider where the time has gone… why I have so many grey hairs…why, despite ten years of “promises,” I still can’t make it to the gym…why my vocational life didn’t quite turn out the way I’d imagined…

    And when it comes to your blog… I’m inspired by your creativity…your constant and abiding nudge to look at the world in ways that highlight color and line and beauty. I just really appreciate it. Congrats on 1500!

  13. Thanks for hosting this fun giveaway! I like reading about your renovations and decorating, and also the fun places you visit in St. Louis.

  14. Hey there! I found your blog through the post on YHL. I don’t think I have one category that I would call a favorite – I really like the diversity of your blog. And your sense of creativity is inspiring!

  15. 1500 posts! That’s awesome! My favorite posts (as a fairly new reader, over from YHL) are related to the 52 projects 🙂 Also, I like that you’re in STL – I just moved here last year, so it’s fun to learn about local things (i.e. Fabric Nosherie).

  16. I like everything about your blog! I look forward to reading it each day. I especially love your writing, and posts about the garden. However, nothing beats pictures and stories about the girls, family and special days in the lives of our family. Keep up the blog, it will always be in My Favorites!

  17. I started reading your blog a few months ago, and was initially interested in the renovation posts. Over time, I’ve managed to read through most of the archives (mainly while at my eleven year old son’s many basketball and soccer practices). What now brings me back almost daily are not specific subjects but rather the “sound” of your blog, stories of family, work, art and home projects. Thank you!

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