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E, August 2005

My mother bought this sweet little dress for E seven years ago.  She wore it on her second birthday, and loved it – even though she asked her Nana why she had sewn a kitchen towel to the front of it.  That sweet little dress was then worn by my sweet little niece to E’s fourth birthday.  See her there below in my sister’s arms?
The family, August 2007

It’s out again for the summer, and we’re slowly making our way through the summer hand-me-downs.  F loves this pile of dresses.  We set it out Saturday night to wear the next day, and then we got out E’s birthday album to count how many times that dress appeared in its pages.  When she put it on the next morning she was convinced she was already three.  She’ll wear it a lot this summer – but not to her third birthday party.  She has a special dress for that I’m working on right now – a little peek is below.
Sunday mornings in the car we try to listen to at least a little bit of the NPR show “On Being” with Krista Tippett.  Yesterday’s guest was poet Sarah Kay, and she told a lovely story or being a small child and finding a poem from her parents in her lunchbox each day.  I had to smile a little – not because I write poetry for my children each day, but because we love to read it, and just the night before I was embroidering it onto a dress for F’s birthday.

F calls this book her palm-tree book.  It took a little bit to figure out, but we finally heard her calling out a specific poem as a “palm”, and so palm-tree is really poem-try to her, or poetry.  This is her favorite poem for sure, and it so perfectly describes her.  It’s A Circle of Sun by Rebecca Kai Dotlich and it’s the inspiration behind her party theme this year.

I picked up a white linen dress last year for a steal when I was out shopping one day for girls tights.  It was so inexpensive that I didn’t feel too badly that she really didn’t need another dress.  Plus, I think I would have been a bit more nervous to start embroidering words onto a really pricey piece.  Because now it has words.  This poem will encircle the bottom of the dress in Earth’s many colors – all the colors of the rainbow.
She’s got a bit longer before she wears it though – a little bit more of being two.  But she’s most definitely ready.  And I love watching another person dance around with the shadows of the other little girls that wore this dress.

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  1. too cure, love the poem, the dresses, but mostly the little girls!

  2. Wow! You never fail to simply amaze me….


  3. Oh. My. Goodness. You have stitched a beauty for a beauty. I am just seeing this, so my wishes for a happy THREE to princess F are a tad behind . . .

    Rebecca Kai Dotlich

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