Monthly Archives: June 2012

late night / early morning

E and I cuddled up in bed last night and did some fringing.  We started on the crepe paper streamers for F’s rainbow garden party, and E’s going to use the same streamers for her party later this summer.  I cut dozens of little slits in the rolled up paper and she “fluffed” them.
F woke up early (for a Saturday) and was pretty jazzed to see what we had accomplished the night before.  We made quite a bit of streamers from just 3″ of each of our paper folds.  We’ll probably make some more, and then maybe even some crepe paper flowers.  It’s a pretty fun activity, and a nice way to unwind and chat after such a busy, busy week.

We’re off to pick up our rainbow colored chocolate, which isn’t the wisest idea in this sort of weather, but oh well.  Here’s hoping for a cooler week next week.

friday finds

The last of the party supplies came in the mail yesterday.  F was pretty excited when we opened them last night.  I decided awhile back to do individual ice cream cups for the different homemade ice creams.  Shop Sweet Lulu had some really cute ones, but when I finally sat down to order them they were temporarily sold out.  I checked back with Sweet Bliss Containers to see if they offered anything smaller than a pint size (they are my go-to ice cream container supplier).  No dice.  Then I found Garnish, and proceeded to order everything else I needed from them.  Candy tubes above for the rainbow colored sixlets F’s been eyeing at Oh Lolli Lolli for awhile.  These really cute corrugated ice cream cups with lids.  I even got some more wooden spoons to add to the mix.  These are plain, so I’ll fancy them up with those rainbow gel pens I used on the invitations.

And then, crepe paper in all the colors of the rainbow – the girls and I are going to make some fancy streamers that we’ll use for both parties.  E’s got her whole party planned out – down to the three page outline of details.  I’ll post that this weekend.  It’s a hoot.  Which reminds me – I never let her blog about her favorite summer reads.  I realized after I said that I would, that she’d likely scroll through some recent posts and possibly discover the secret room redo planned for her birthday.  So she’s banned from the blog for awhile…
Hope you found a little color this Friday.  Or something like ice cream to beat the heat.  Drop me a line and let me know how hot it is in your neck of the woods. (108 here again today.  Ugh.)

this would feel good right about now

F sneaks up on E while the grand- and great grandparents look on (and don’t warn her, it should be noted.)
It’s going to be 108 here today.  That’s not the heat index, that’s the temperature.  That’s crazy.  I’ll be stuck in an over airconditioned box all day, of course, but it’s certainly putting a damper in E’s Urban Camping week.  She’s supposed to be camping out overnight tonight.  I think we can safely skip the sleeping bag.
Stay cool out there.