Daily Archives: June 1, 2012

friday finds: pumpkin bread with chocolate

The little one and I were feeling a little down this Friday morning.  We’re missing our leisurely Fridays to hang out together, and F was heading over to her friend’s house for the day.  We took a slight detour for breakfast–  just the two of us – and found some delicious pumpkin bread with yummy chunks of chocolate to ease our morning woes.  To call them woes is a bit dramatic – it’s actually a lovely spring morning and all in all we’re happy and content.  And now even more content with this in our tummy (and our cheeks).  You can put a lot of pumpkin in those cheeks.
Side note:  Local Harvest has a good breakfast deal between 7am and 9am, Mon.-Fri. – one of their egg sandwiches or fruit parfaits plus coffee for $5.  Delish.