Daily Archives: June 6, 2012

pouf, there it is

I did it!  And let me tell you – this might not have been the best choice for a sewing project after a nearly thirty year hiatus from sewing.  But it’s done, it’s huge, and I love it. 
The photos above and below look the same, but they are actually opposite sides.  I chose two colors that I thought would look good in F’s room – remember this is her birthday present from us – and I don’t think I realized when I chose two fabrics that each side was made up of fifteen wedges.  So alternating wasn’t going to work, at least not without ending up with two like colors together.  I chose an AABAABAAB pattern, and reversed it on the back side.

And in a perfect world all of the seams along the side line up just like below, with contrasting perfectly straight topstitching.
Of course, this is not a perfect world, so in a couple of places it’s a bit wonky.  But I’m okay with that because this was a tough project and I still managed to pull it off – sewing thirty wedges to batting, topstitching, sewing the circles together, sewing the top and bottom together, adding a zipper, plus tufting the whole thing and handstitching two covered buttons.

At first I thought I’d use a contrasting fabric and bring in a little gold, but found it was too distracting.  I ended up with one gray and one aqua button, and love the end results.

I brought home a giant box from work to hide it in, and plan to wrap it in this great rainbow paper I found at The Container Store.  It took some serious stuffing to get this thing to fit in the box, but it’s in and hidden until next month.  Someone’s going to flip.