Daily Archives: July 7, 2012

the urge to purge…

…I’ve got it.
My house is such a holy disaster and in six days both sides of our family are set to descend upon it.  I use the word descend in the kindest, sweetest way possible.  We are so excited for the visit, and excited to celebrate F’s birthday together.  But the house is a wreck, with unfinished projects all over it. 
I’m not even going to bother posting photos of it – I’m going to continue on my tear through the place while the little one naps and M works in the basement on the big desk project.  He’s feeling the same way about the basement – no matter how often we clean that sucker out, it just gets piled up with more stuff.  He threatened to start chucking stuff up the staircase and into the backyard so that he could find a place to work.  I say go for it and good riddance.
Anybody with little bodies around want a cute little wood table and chairs? 
We bought them unfinished eight years ago and I painted them (twice) and they’ve been well loved since then.  I don’t have time to give them a fresh coat of paint, so I’ll ask very little for them, and you can give them a quick sand, and a few coats of the paint of your choice. 
I first painted them this way, and then decided it was too busy for the nursery, so then I repainted them light blue, with just a small white flower pattern on the top.  The table currently has the ghostly remnants of lots of markers and paint, so I would consider this a DIY project for sure.
Table and Chairs in 2004
Table and Chairs in 2012 – in use.
Drop me a line at thirdstoryies at gmail dot com if you’re local and interested.