Daily Archives: July 13, 2012

cookies to match

I was digging the party invitations so much that I wanted to try to make a platter of cookies that looked similar.  That’s my mom’s platter, and I love it with the simple shapes of the cookies.  I finished these up late last night (just the icing, the cookies I made ahead and froze, then thawed.)  It’s starting to come together – as is my family.  The orange layer is in the oven – yellow’s next – for the ubiquitous rainbow cake.  You didn’t think I could have a rainbow party without one, now did you?

friday finds (me with another room)

I have tons and tons of photos of the before’s and the during’s that span over a very, very long time for this room.  I just don’t have time this weekend to put that post together.  So this will have to do for a few more days.  There are still so many little (and big) projects to do in here, but at least for now the basics are done, the furniture that’s been sitting wrapped up in plastic for months in the hallway is unwrapped and out of the way.  (There are actually two matching chairs.)  We have a desk wall to build, computers and art supplies to move in, window and door installation on the wall to the left that you can’t see, and little things like buying a rug and hanging the art and photos that have been squirreled around the house for ages.  Oh – and most importantly – moving the one TV we have up here and out of the cabinet downstairs.  That will free that cabinet up for my DIY entry cabinet project.  Hooray.  Hooray for M!  Hooray for all those late night drywall and painting sessions!  It’s like a giant organizational chain reaction has been set in motion.  The exclamation points are flying. 
F just likes it for the added book reading space.
This Friday also finds me with a short work day and then a lot of the last minute party baking and decorating. M found me this morning asleep on the couch with all the lights on.  I think I sat down with a glass of water at the end of the night and fell asleep sitting up, and then just fell over.  Despite the late nights they’ve been fun nights, and the fun really begins later today.
Hope this Friday finds you well.  Did you just find your house magically grew by another room?  Wouldn’t it be nice if it did?