Daily Archives: July 24, 2012

scenes from a weekend

 hay bale jumping
 pipe walking

 sunset swimming
 car trip napping…
…hours and hours and hours of it

saturday afternoon in (my parents’) garden

We spent a long weekend at my parents’ house and enjoyed several things – one of them being rain!  The cooler temperatures were nice too.  Saturday afternoon was so lovely we stayed outside for most of it.  I can’t remember being outside in the afternoon (and enjoying it) in a long, long time.  This has not been a really pleasant summer.
Consider this the micro view of their garden.  I’ll have the big view later.  Regardless of the scale, it’s such a nice place to be.  I’m sure you’ll agree – what’s your favorite part?  Mine is that bright red strawberry that I picked and ate right after I snapped the picture.  Do you blame me?