Daily Archives: July 28, 2012


Drawer 1 of 3.
The desk is coming along!  I keep telling E that her dad’s in the basement cleaning it out.  She must think it’s spotless by now.
Hooray for husbands who can take things I draw and make them real!  And slide-y!
More on this surprise here.

thank you’s

I’ve never ordered photo thank you cards before, but it was kind of the perfect storm of impulse buying here last week.  I had some really sweet photos of the party (including my favorite one – the black and white photo of F “almost getting away” from her dad, hands holding tightly to a group of colorful balloons), I had an email with a special deal from Shutterfly for photo cards, and I had about a dozen thank you notes to write.  So I spent about five minutes uploading photos, scrolling through a zillion options looking for the simplest layout, and then typing out a quick message from the F-ster.
A few days later I had them in hand, wrote a quick note out in each one, and let F take to the envelopes with some crayons and her fierce desire to populate the world with hand drawn balloons.  And now that I’ve done it, I think I’d do it again.  It’s a super fun way to capture a favorite moment from the party – plus a fun getting ready shot for the inside.  That might be my favorite part of the whole thing.  I like a good party, but I really enjoy spending time with the girls getting ready for it.  Whether they go on to successful careers as world renown party planners or are just really good at throwing together a backyard potluck – I hope they will always remember how much fun it is to anticipate an upcoming special day, how to channel their energy towards a specific goal, stay organized, be creative, and above all – remember that celebrating a bit of yourself is really a celebration of all those you are lucky enough to call friends and family.  Taking the party focus off of receiving gifts and turning it to sharing things that we love with the people that we love seems to be sinking in.  That’s something always worth saying thank you for.