sweet rewards

One of the best parts of the many big and little projects we’re trying to tackle this year is just how intertwined they all are.  So when I dive head first into my filing cabinet black hole and turn our bedroom into a paper strewn disaster area for three nights in a row – well, it’s so totally worth it when I find myself (almost) alone in a quiet house on a Sunday afternoon, F napping, M and E at his office.  The files are done, and so I moved them to their new home. (Their temporary new home.)  Above is the area in our bedroom where the desk use to sit.  That was its first temporary home (that lasted three years) after it was moved from the studio that a certain someone (also pictured above) took over as her room.  Not a bad trade, all in all.  But still, I’m glad to get that desk out of our room.  The rocker came back down from the nursery now that she has her new pouf.  And I’ve been doing some shift arounds with the artwork – it’s like musical chairs in this place. 

The eventual idea is that we’ll have a wall mounted desk that spans the entire width of this back wall.  We have some more pine boards that we salvaged from the attic, so M thinks he can use that to help make the longer desk.  That makes me really happy, because I love, love, love this desk.  We’ll still have the file cabinets below, and will have a couple of places to sit – with aqua blue chairs currently living in the basement.  The rest of the wall will have white shelving and will be filled with items that we love and use.  I’m not much of an accent wall kind of person, and it’s a bit counter intuitive to me to paint a wall with a window that receives such bright light a dark color – it can give you a real hot spot in your vision when you look at it.  But I really liked the idea of something dark behind those shelves to set off this end of the room as office vs. sitting room for the rest of it.  The dark color will really make the shelves and the items on them stand out, and it also tricks the eye a bit and makes the room look deeper than it really is.  And we love it.

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